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Hello My name is Rinat, I was born and raised in Haifa – Israel. Hebrew is my native language and Israel is in my heart. I learned English in 3rd grade -it is mandatory, but you can recognize my Israeli accent that stay part of who I am 😊 I live in Texas U.S.A with my family and I teach children and adults the Hebrew language with love and a lot of patience; I love my students and I love to see the progress with them. Hebrew language different from English especially on the reading and writing part therefore It is important to know how to teach- so I invite you to join me, be part of my group and let me help you to achieve your goal.

About the program:

The program was built after years of experience and working with all groups of age and levels.
The lessons are customized especially for you no matter if you are beginner or advanced. The level will set after a diagnostic I make with you.
I teach all aspects of the language starting from reading, speaking modern Hebrew and writing. You will learn the correct grammar and the modern grammar (how we say it in Israel). You will get bonus: fun lesson of “slang” words and expressions.
My method on reading is based on phonological awareness that prepares appropriate reading and is divided to recognize the letters, the sounds and the vowels. This method makes reading easy and understandable and suitable for children and adults alike.
It is known that people who speak confidently will speak more, therefore my goal is to get you to the point where you feel comfortable having a conversation with Israelis while you visit in Israel. The lessons and vocabularies built on themes of everyday conversation.
You will learn to write the two types of writing in Hebrew -you also will have the ability to write from hearing.
You can find here more details regarding each class.


I taught Hebrew in language school preparing students before “Aliya” and preparing them to work on summer vacations in Israel.
Teaching Hebrew and culture at Jewish elementary/middle school and preschool (age 3 and up) with a lot of music and fun.
In Israel I helped new immigrants with the Hebrew language.
Rinat Adi

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Online Classes

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Pre-k / Kindergarten

Why to start second language that age? Because children who have been exposed to a second language at an early age outperform their peers in both math and science.
Fun class with this special program which learn to recognize the letters and the vowels. Our reading program is based on a visual skill that combines familiar characters that children love. Join Elmo, Barney and their friends on a fascinating journey into the Hebrew language.
The lesson divided to 20 min- 3 times a week.

Beginner-Reading Class

Is your child before Bar/Bat-Mitzvah?!
Do you want to learn to read well in the bible?! Great!
This class is for kids and adults to learn the Hebrew from beginning-from the first letter.
We will learn to recognize and to pronounce the letters, the sounds and the vowels.
You or your child will start to read from the first lesson! You will see how easy and fast it is!
On each vowel you will read stories to improve your reading.
You will receive a gift from me- your name in Hebrew.

Beginner-Foundations of Hebrew

If you are totally new on Hebrew and know to read or need a refresh the basic -you are on the right place.
We will learn basic vocabulary such as:
greet someone
numbers 1-100 (masculine and feminine)
what time is it?
Weather & seasons
Asking questions…etc.
We will learn Basic syntax including pronouns, basic verbs, infinitive so you can do your first sentences.
How exciting!!!


Do you know how to read Hebrew and know the basics? Great, so let’s continue to learn more vocabulary and grammar. We will do a virtual tour in Israel and see the beautiful country from the north to the south. We will visit at: hotels, restaurants and will do shopping (not only grocery but also at the mall). we will learn more subjects- you will know everything you need to know as: food, colors, money, numbers (100-1,000,000) …etc. We will have practice both reading and writing skills with present tense.


This class is for advanced students who knows to read and write. In this class we will focus on the past, future tense and conjugation the verbs of the 7 buildings in Hebrew. We will learn more nouns, verbs, adjective, adverb and prepositions. At that point you can read text without vowels.

Advanced-Let’s talk

You have learned Hebrew before and want to improve your speaking skill or not have confidence to speak yet?!
Don’t worry we will speak modern Hebrew and it will get back to you like riding on bike.
By talking you will learn more vocabulary.
we will learn slang and unformal conversation between friends.
So, do you want to have a virtual coffee with me and talk only in Hebrew?!

What Our Students Says About Us

Why You Choose Us

Intelligance plus character that is the goal of true education

Experienced, native-speaker instructor

Because I have experience as a teacher for many years with kids and adults, you will learn everything that you need to know and more.

All Educational Age and Level

Kids from 4 years old, adults, beginner or advanced are welcome!

Competitive Price

Most of schools/teachers are doing a lesson for 45-50 min- you will get 1 full hour in your convenient time.

Custom Designed Lessons

By knowing you and your level I can custom the lessons to you . Let me know what your goal is!

Modern Hebrew

Would you like to speak like a native?! You will get all the modern Hebrew including slang and learn to talk like Israeli.

Personal And Quick respond

You can contact me through phone/message/email. For any question you will get a personal and quick respond.

Fill in Your Details & we’ll Be In Touch Shortly

Setting your timezone correctly will help you and your teacher schedule lessons at the right times.
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