Workout Plan

Regardless of your location!!!
Melvin The Trainer will design and provide you with a custom made workout plan that consists of workouts, exercises and etc to suit your needs. Remember.. Fitness is a journey!
I congratulate you on taking the steps forward to accomplish your fitness goals.
Customized Workout Program $99
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Thank you and Stay Safe!

Fitness Training

Are you an Arizona Resident located in Tucson or Phoenix are? If so.. Great!!!
Melvin the Trainer will help you achieve your goals.
Regardless of your age, weight or physical condition if you are ready to put a foot forward then we can get results.
All of my clients are happy and seeing results!
Clients are required to Purchase a MTT Package as this shows their dedication towards their fitness goals. For every package purchased they always receive a session for free.

Melvin The Trainer Package

Include a total of 20 training sessions.
Training Sessions will typically last anywhere from 60 to 75 Minutes.
It is very Important to warm up and cool down before and after each and every workout.
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Thank you and Stay Safe!


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(20 training sessions)
MTT fitness products of choice
Customized 30 days meal plan

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About Me

Fitness started at a very young age for me. I can remember just like it was yesterday, Back in the early 90s running around down in Mississippi and being intrigued by so many things that involved movement, cardio and sweat.

Basketball track and cross country were all at the top of my list. Being fortunate enough to experience high school, college and international basketball I was able to embrace fitness at a very high level! Fitness is now my passion and throughout the years I developed a discipline along with training techniques that use on a daily basis.

I believe in sharing knowledge and ideas with other and I have personally helped so many individuals accomplish their overall health and fitness goals and I KNOW I can help you too!

Each One Teach One!

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